AJAX and RIA two parents of Web 2.0 Technologies

RIA from Microsoft using Silverlight

AJAX Software Requirements :

Textpad or Visual Studio

Browser with JavaScript capability

Web Server  e.g. IIS FTP Client

Some html code in text format

AJAX applications can be written using JavaScript, Jquery & PHP.

The following is the JavaScript  code which can be embedded to view AJAX features in a static html page


var  page = eval(result)

AJAX is the core technology used in developing Rich Internet Applications a.k.a. RIA

At the beginning of Web, RIA had only client and server where Client displayed the contents and Server contained all the business application. Later it improved to have thin Client at the browser and thick Server at the web server side; these apps were developed using  CGI, ASP, JSP, PHP, and other Lightweight HTML Client. Now we have RIA composed of heavy Client and heavy Server. RIA Interface similar to desktop apps where we have options than clicks. RIA is an internet  based application. RIA’s web page interacts with the server allowing data to be transferred and partial page updated and view the web page without delay in rendering.

Business drivers for RIA

Improve Web user experience

Lesser steps to complete tasks

Less errors by users

Less time consumed

Similar Web & desktop user Interface

Lower training

Improve Application responsiveness

Uninterrupted workflow and less waiting .

Runtime Error checking on the fly.

Reduce network demands

Less information is sent between client and server.

Only relevant information is transmitted.

Business Costs of RIA

Finding trusted technologies which are scalable and effective.

A lot of RIA technology outside of AJAX

A third party library for JavaScript.

Getting development team up to current web standards

Differing browser capabilities

Browsers continually updating

Moving standards :

1. Technology surrounding RIAs continuously changing and improvised features being added.

2. Implementation of technology continuously changing and improvised features being added.

User Expectations of RIA
RIA is too advanced for users

Legal risks are RIA should adhere to Section 508, Telecom Act and  American Disabilities Act.

Search Engine Optimization

Some of the potential areas where RIA have been developed and implemented are as follows


Collaboration Documents




Mail Utilities

Mapping Software

Search Utilities

Spell Checking etc.

Scripting and AJAX

ASP.NET Ajax Library

Javascript Debugging and Intellisense

Jquery Integration.

The following are the resources available to get started for development of RIA using AJAX

  1. http://www.asp.net/ajax
  2. Codeplex
  3. Jquery
  4. MSDN which supports Jquery
    CDN and AJAX CDN
  5. AJAX libraries toolkit.

AJAX toolkit provided by MS contains Rich set of controls which seamless integrate with jquery, this toolkit part of ASP.NET toolbox. For AJAX to implemented and enabled in a web site one has embed script tag between head tag.

The debugging of AJAX can be done using IE9 tools and Visual Studio Intellisense.


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