Literature and Nature Paradise at Kavishaila, Kuppalli

This place “KaviShailya” is famous place near Kupalli home to famous kannada poet Kuvempu (Kuppali Venkatappa Gowda Puttappa ).

Kuppali (Kannada: ಕುಪ್ಪಳಿ), also known as Kuppalli (ಕುಪ್ಪಳ್ಳಿ), is a small village in Thirthahalli taluk of Shimoga district in the state of Karnataka in India. It is famous for being the birthplace and childhood home of the renowned Kannada playwright and poet Kuvempu.

A rock containing the etched signatures of Kuvempu, B. M. Srikantaiah and Taluku Subbanna Venkannaiah is present near the monument.

This is place where Kuvempu discussed Sri Ramayana Darshanam – the most famous work and the magnum opus by Kuvempu in Kannada based on the Hindu epic Ramayana, with other litterateur friends.

Sri Ramayana Darshanam is dedicated with deep reverence and respect to his mentor Sri TS Venkannaiah (the first Kannada professor of Mysore University).

Below are the photos of Kavishailya:

PANO_20130602_161328 PANO_20130602_161409 PANO_20130602_161241 PANO_20130602_161103 PANO_20130602_161029 PANO_20130602_160956 PANO_20130602_160924 PANO_20130602_160849 PANO_20130602_160803 PANO_20130602_160702 PANO_20130602_160632 PANO_20130602_160600 PANO_20130602_160441 PANO_20130602_160357 PANO_20130531_184321 IMG_20130606_101421 IMG_20130602_162119 IMG_20130602_162058 IMG_20130602_162032 IMG_20130602_162027 IMG_20130602_162020 IMG_20130602_162011 IMG_20130602_162008 IMG_20130602_162004 IMG_20130602_162000 IMG_20130602_161955 IMG_20130602_161937 IMG_20130602_161834 IMG_20130602_161635 IMG_20130602_161535 IMG_20130602_161530 IMG_20130602_161525 IMG_20130602_161502 IMG_20130602_160308 IMG_20130602_160251


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